Saturday, April 10, 2010

And another good review!

Five Stars from A. Boston, an Amazon top 500 reviewer:
When I first got this book, I hadn't realized until it was in my hands that it was written by a man. I was interested to see how he would write a novel with a female main character. Usually, I can tell from the first couple of pages that it wouldn't be as mutifaceted, but more of a cliched version of what men think a woman should be. (I'm generalizing, I know. I became sexist for about 10 seconds. But I realize there are men authors writing for a mainly female audience out there who can write women wonderfully).

Thankfully, this book proved me entirely wrong. It was an excellent read, from start to finish. I actually read it in a couple of hours, which I've never done before. It was funny and heart wrenching with well written, consistent characters. "Sweet Misfortunes" takes you on a insightful journey with Sophie, the central character. You wonder with a woman who's experienced such misfortune in her life, will she ever figure out how to achieve her own personal happiness? This book could have been depressing, but instead it had a certain lift to it, whimsical yet thoughtful at the same time.

It had many lessons in it, but the one that sticks out to me, is that carrying around a silent, sometimes misguided guilt can be crippling. Letting it out and sharing it with others, as hard as it may be, can set you free.

A must read, whole heartedly recommended, no matter what genre of book you may typically go for. It had mystery, romance, life lessons and humor. One of the best books I've read in a very long time. 

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SWEET MISFORTUNE already getting good reviews!

Amazon's Vine Reviewers have had some good things to say about SWEET MISFORTUNE, which comes out June 10th. Here's a sample....

5 Stars from Dianne Tetro ( Misconceptions. I think that sums up exactly what this book is about. Misconceptions and the power of divine providence and, oh On Sophia Jones ninth birthday, she looses her family in a very tragic car accident. But little did we know that 20 years later the consequences of that accident on that very stormy night would still be affecting so many people. Sophia has grown up with a foster mother and a foster sister, and even made her way in life as a chocolatier with her own shop, but she is still lacking something. Until her mother fixes her up on a blind date, Sophia has gone about her life alone, although that's not always a bad thing and it is important that through divine providence Sophia and Garret Black meet...and fall in love. And break up!

This story shows how a persons understanding of an incident can be, if not exactly selfish, but skewed to the point that it can change ones life. This book proves that there are always three sides to every story -your side, how everyone else saw it and the truth. And this book prove that there are three truths.

I loved this book. This may be a short and rather quick read, but it is not one that you don't want to savor just like the fine chocolates that Sophia makes. I think that this book is a keeper and one that you may want to read more than one time. This novel allowed me to have a lot of laughter, tears, curiosity, frustration and joy. If it wasn't for the wonderful characters and compelling story I may have finally given in to my curiosity to read the ending first to see what it was that Garret needed a whole `date' to explain to Sophia why he had broken their engagement. While some may try to stick this into the chick lit genre, that would be cruel and inhumane treatment of Mr. Milne's most excellent and heartfelt novel. 

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