Monday, January 24, 2011


First, let me say that ALL of the seventh graders who posted letters about The Paper Bag Christmas are "winners" in my mind. Truly, the things you wrote were inspiring, articulate, and insightful. Unfortunately, I can't send everyone a free book (I know...bummer). My plan was to send three signed copies to whoever wrote the 'best' letters, but with 149 fantastic postings, it was just too hard to choose! So instead, I selected the passages of text that really touched me in some way. The authors of those passages will each receive a book. So here it is....drum roll please. The winners (and their words that impressed me) are as follows:

1. Kate – “In a way we all are wearing a paper bag just like Katrina. We all try to hide things, and feel insecure sometimes and we try to get away from everyone else one way or another. We all need friends and friends to be there for you when times are tough and to stand by your side to tell you that it is okay. People are not what you think at first look, but when you look just a little deeper you might just be surprised.”

2. Theo – “I am Jewish. I've never celebrated Christmas before. I've never had a Christmas tree before. You showed me what Christmas really means. You don't have to celebrate Christmas to take in what it really means. What you wrote in The Paper Back Christmas taught people that you don't need an iphone, a macbook, or an Air Jammer Road Rammer to be happy. All you need to do to be happy, is give others that gift of joy and you will receive happiness from others.”

3. Kenna – “Ever since I read your book, I have watched the way people treat other people, even strangers. I learned that just giving a friendly smile or compliment can make someone's day. I have made it my mission to try to be more gracious to people by doing these things. I think the importance of your book is to try to teach children that beauty is on the inside, and to always believe in yourself.”

Thanks to everyone for your letters!    

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