Friday, January 13, 2012

Essay Winners!

210 essays about The Paper Bag Christmas, and I read every one of them! And eyes need a rest.

But before I step away from the computer, I'd like to thank all of the Student at A.E. Wright middle school for their wonderful insights. You're all amazing, and I'm thrilled that you are finding ways to look beyond yourselves and seek out people to serve and befriend. That's what it's all about!

To say thanks to everyone for their hard work, I've picked out a few students who said something in their essays that touched me in one way or another - either taught me something new, inspired me, or made me chuckle. Those students are (in no particular order).....[drum roll, please].....

- Ellie; Kimball's 4th period class
- Kaylee G., Miller's 5th period class
- Noah W., Miller's 4th period class
- Alissa, Kimball's 3rd period class
- Samantha (Sam), Miller's 4th period class
- Gabriella, Kimball's 2nd period class

I'll be sending signed copies of Sweet Misfortune to each of the above students.


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