Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reader's Definition of Happiness

This morning my family made me breakfast in bed for my birthday. While I was eating, I checked my email on my cell phone, and started crying when I read the story below. Many thanks to the reader who shared... 

"I just read your book, 'Sweet Misfortune', cover to cover tonight. I am tempted to say that Happiness is having the time and leisure to sit and read a good book cover to cover. This couldn't be more true to me because I am the parent whose only leisure time is the middle of the night hours when I should be sleeping. However, as trite as this sounds, my Happiness is the sound of a baby screaming from the nursery down the hall. But not just because of motherly lovey Happiness. When I was 14 weeks pregnant with twins my water ruptured on Twin B. I was told to end the pregnancy as I would be losing both babies due to the trauma. I couldn't end the pregnancy and the doctors sent me home to miscarry. I didn't. But I did spend the ensuing 20 weeks being told by highly regarded maternal-fetal specialists that even though I didn't miscarry I would be lucky if we were able to get to an acceptable term to possibly deliver Baby A safely. Baby B was given 0% chance of survival due to the lack of fluid from the rupture. The baby would not develop lungs or other vital organs. I was told I would experience the happiest day of my life delivering one baby coinciding with the worst day of my life with one baby dying. Week after week we were being prepared for the worst. 6 weeks before my due date, on Aug 23,2009 at 8:59p Twin A, my son Henry, was born. He was tiny, only 3 lb 7 oz. My husband and I were elated to meet him. He let out a big roar to let us know he was there and he was quickly rushed away to the NICU. At 9:01p Baby B, my daughter Mary Alice, was born. She was 1 lb 10oz. The exact definition of Happiness to my husband and I is the cry that came from that tiny baby. That precise moment is the Happiest moment of my life. For a baby that wasn't supposed to develop lungs she sure had something to prove. 3 months of NICU care and she was finally released home to join her brother and mom & dad. That was the 2nd Happiest moment of my life.

I think I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have gone through what we did...I am a better mother for it.  I think I may be one of the only women I know who still marvels at the screaming coming from their baby after almost a year of hearing it. To me, its reliving the Happiest sound I've ever heard.
We aren't religious people but we have experienced a medical miracle. There is no explanation for her survival. To that point, after all the tests were done and facts gathered, my son, my daughter, and I should not have survived this pregnancy at all. The condition, Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy, usually ends with catastrophic results to the mother and child. A surviving Cornual Ectopic is so rare that we are being written about. We are blessed. And I more so for being able to relive my Happiness every day :)

Thank you for such a wonderful novel. It has inspired me to make it a point to be Happy in the middle of my unbelievably long harried days.

[Name Withheld]"

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Winners

Thanks to all for entering the giveaway. There were 84 total entries (including one deleted comment). This morning I used a random number generator at, which selected the following entries, in order, as the five winners:

  • #72: jenfurru said...My all time favorite chocolate is Esther Price chocolates, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in Cincy and have fond memories of her chocolate candy.
  • #82: George said...My favorite sweet treat.... definitely fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, still soft and warm with melty, runny chocolate. Yum!
  • #57: Cheryl Oliver said...Nothing but nothing beats a large chocolate MALT!!!! especially on a hot day. That's probably why I need to lose some weight!!!
  • #24: Susanne said...I believe my favorite treat is one that I stay away from... Mississippi Mud... you take a brownie recipe, layer marshmellow creme and then add a thick fudge frosting. A 1x1 square is to die for! I also am so addicted to marshmellow peeps, and enjoy them stale...But, I too must stay away from so much intense sugar... Love your books and am looking forward to a great summer read..
  • #51:  Abigail said...I love South African pancakes ... rolled up with cinnamon and sugar. They taste even better when my husband makes them.
If one of these comments is yours, you win! Contact me asap via email ( or and I'll get your book in the mail.

If you didn't can blame the random number generator. :-) But be sure to look for Sweet Misfortune on the shelf at your nearest book store, starting today!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Contest

Today several boxes of my newest book, Sweet Misfortune, showed up at my house. While I appreciate my publisher's generosity, I honestly don't know what to do with them all. The only thing I can think of is...give them away!

So here's the deal: the main character in this book, Sophie Jones, has a bit of a sweet tooth. To be entered to win a signed copy, post a comment to this blog in which you identify your favorite candy or other sweet treat. It's that easy. Five people will be selected at random. The contest closes at midnight on June 9th, just before the book is officially available in stores on June 10th. Check back on the 10th to see if you've won.

For the record, my new favorite 'sweet' is Chocolate Soup. My wife just discovered the recipe, and it's to die for.

Good luck!

Oh, and after you've entered the contest, feel free to check out Sophie Jones's blog.

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