Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweet Winners

Thanks to all for entering the giveaway. There were 84 total entries (including one deleted comment). This morning I used a random number generator at, which selected the following entries, in order, as the five winners:

  • #72: jenfurru said...My all time favorite chocolate is Esther Price chocolates, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in Cincy and have fond memories of her chocolate candy.
  • #82: George said...My favorite sweet treat.... definitely fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, still soft and warm with melty, runny chocolate. Yum!
  • #57: Cheryl Oliver said...Nothing but nothing beats a large chocolate MALT!!!! especially on a hot day. That's probably why I need to lose some weight!!!
  • #24: Susanne said...I believe my favorite treat is one that I stay away from... Mississippi Mud... you take a brownie recipe, layer marshmellow creme and then add a thick fudge frosting. A 1x1 square is to die for! I also am so addicted to marshmellow peeps, and enjoy them stale...But, I too must stay away from so much intense sugar... Love your books and am looking forward to a great summer read..
  • #51:  Abigail said...I love South African pancakes ... rolled up with cinnamon and sugar. They taste even better when my husband makes them.
If one of these comments is yours, you win! Contact me asap via email ( or and I'll get your book in the mail.

If you didn't can blame the random number generator. :-) But be sure to look for Sweet Misfortune on the shelf at your nearest book store, starting today!


Matt said...

Sorry about the deleted comment! That was me. I wasn't sure if you could see my last name when I posted it, and didn't want to lose out on any potential winnings. =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Milne,

My name is Alexis. I have just read your book. I as well as everyone else in my class, love it. I know that it has touched every single kid in my class including me. The book is a master piece that depicts a true Christmas.
The Paper Bag Christmas was a book that taught one of the most important lessons I have ever heard, while being simple enough to be understood by any kid. It also is not so simple that the point is hidden. This makes it easier to show my younger siblings the book. It also is not so simple that the point is hidden. This makes it easier to show my younger siblings the book. Like you said in your book, very few people experience a true Christmas. Aside from the actual family gathering, for the holiday, the book is the closest thing. The book was full of sad moments, suppressed by some humor, but did not make me laugh so much I would forget the point. I like that, because it helps me under stand the book more.
I think I have more empathy since reading your book. I have always tried to put myself in other peoples shoes to make my decisions, but this book has forced me to stress it a lot more. Your book reminds me how bad some people have it. I really think this book should be read by everyone during the Christmas season. I think my teacher having us read this book has completely influenced my Christmas, because I can not stop thinking about it. The book shows people what a true Christmas is. I felt like showing everyone this book, and what I learned from it.
The Paper Bag Christmas is a true classic, and I know the critics agree. This book is amazing. There are a lot of Christmas stories, but yours is without a doubt my favorite. No other book better defines Christmas joy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Milne,
My name is Jillian and my class, recently finished The Paper Bag Christmas(The teacher is Mrs. Kimball and it is period four.) I thought the book was an inspiring story.
I loved how Madhu explained to everyone in the audience the meaning of Christmas. I that was the most inspirational part of the story because Katrina finally showed what she truly looked like and it didn't matter because she was beautiful on the inside. I also thought it was great that Katrina gave everyone a gift that was unforgettable before she died. Molar her paper bag, Madhu her liver , and the janitor, Frank, money to pay of his brother's hospital bill. It was the nicest thing someone could give on her deathbed.
The importance of this book is phenomenal. It shows the importance of Christmas. That it is not all about the presents, but about family, friends and the appreciation of what you already have. That you should help others and not always think about what you want. This book just proves the importance of family, friends, and serving others. That it should never be all about you, but about the ones that truly matter to you and the ones that need help.
The Paper Bag Christmas is the most inspirational book I have ever read. It was truly great. I hope to read more books that are as inspiring as this one.
Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Dear MR. Milne,
My name is Tomer, I am in Mrs. Kimball class, period four, and I exceptionally enjoyed your amazing book the Paperbag Christmas. I read this book with my class mates and it was great.
My favorite part of this book was reading about how Mo and Aaron become better people. They learn the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about getting presents, it is about giving presents. Mo and Aaron give an extraordinary present by spending time with those poor, sick children. Transforming into better people love to help those who need it. The caring brothers explore a whole new aspect of all people.
My favorite character wold have to be Madhu, I had a lot of fun reading about him. Loving the way he confronts Nurse Wimble, he has a funny sense of humor, and his respect for Christmas is remarkable even though he is Indian.
Your book is very good for the mind and soul; many people should read it. Its importance is extra ordinary it can make many people happy and joyful. It is always important that people help out those in need because they need the happiness.
I don't celebrate Christmas but one thing I know for sure is that Hannuka and Christmas both mean happy holidays. It also means, "hey it is time to help out." I personally really love the winter holidays for this reason. Loving to visit the Jewish elderly home,; I always bring a few friends for company, and we enjoy it, but remember to be serious.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Milne
I am Connor from Mrs. Kimball's fourth period class, and I thought that The Paper Bag Christmas was a greatly influential book. Unlike other Christmas stories it was about joy, friends, and the true meaning of Christmas.
I enjoyed reading The Paper Bag Christmas because it taught me the real meaning of Christmas. While reading I discovered for the first time what Christmas is truly about, love. I liked this book because it had incredible detail. I felt like I was riding on the gurney trying to outlast Katrina. I was trying to find out if Dr. Ringle was Santa Clause with Tim. After the pagent I felt it hard to say goodby to all of Mo's new friends.
I have hanged after reading The Paper Bag Christmas. I now see Christmas as a time of love and giving instead of a time for getting toys.
The Paper Bag Christmas is an extreamly influential book to all of the readers. The teachings of the book are very concrete.
Yours truly,