Monday, May 11, 2009

Me and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I think maybe there's something going on with me and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Okay, not between her and I, per se, but there seems to be an attraction between our books. :-) First, I went to our local bookstore this past week and found my new book right next to hers on the new release shelf! [see picture in previous blog post] Now today, I was checking out my publisher's homepage, and both books were on the "Most Viewed Books" list, just one spot separating them.

Merely coincidence? Or is this fate telling me that I should go on a G-free diet before Elisabeth invites me for an interview on The View?

Hmm. Only time will tell. :-)

Note to Elisabeth: Good luck with your book.
Note to producers of The View: Sure, I'd love to come on your show and discuss the literary similarities between dieting and reading my novels. (what???)