Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Cover

It's official: Hachette is "repackaging" The Paper Bag Christmas for the '09 Christmas season. I just got to see the final product today. Hope you like it as much as I do!


Jason Wright said...

Dude, LOVE it! You're going to move some serious books.

Kevin Milne said...

I hope so! The sales team told me last week that they secured a spot in Border's Christmas promotion, so that won't hurt. However, word has it that some guy from out east is coming out this year with a Christmas sequel about some sort of Mason Jars filled with money...so I know the competition will be stiff. :-)

Jason Wright said...

I wouldn't worry, that guy is a HOSER. Plus rumor has it the publisher is being VERY conservative.

Bingo said...

I do love it! I enjoyed THE NINE LESSONS but fell in love with THE PAPER BAG CHRISTMAS! I am featuring it as part of my special holiday books and Good Books To Give As Gifts promo over Nov. and Dec. Miriam is letting me do a giveaway as well so your book will be highlighted over several weeks on my blog. I hope you can come by and check it out. It should be posted the afternoon of Nov. 8. thanks...Oh, I am BOOKIN' WITH BINGO! http://bookinwithbingo.blogspot.com

Danni_Pad said...

I love the new cover of "The Paper Bag"..it makes it very inviting to readers, especially since it captures the essence of the holiday season! I definitely will give this book as a gift to my family and friends any time of the year..simply inspiring! Thanks!

Danni_Pad said...

Dear Mr. Milne,

I forgot to add this awesome recipe to my blog! Hope you try it!

Here is a yummy dessert for you and your family. It's our cultural dish from the beautiful island of Guam. We usually cook this during the holidays. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

Danielle Padilla

"Latiya" (La-ti-za) Cinnamon Custard Cake

4 cans of carnation evaporated milk
1 stick of butter
4 egg yolks (no whites)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 box of cornstarch (depends on the consistency desired)
cinnamon powder
1 cup of sugar
Sponge cake or any flavor of cake

Prepare cake as usual, when done cut into strips (1 inch) and place them on 2-3 platters & set aside.

Pour 4 cans of milk into pot along with 4 egg yolks, butter, vanilla extract and sugar. Its up to you if you want it sweet or not. Stir contents over high until butter is dissolved.reduce heat to med high.
On a seperate small bowl, mix cornstarch and water making sure that cornstartch is dissolved but also not to watery. Now slowly start adding cornstartch to the milk at the same time stirring it. The cornstarch is to create the milk to become thicker like pudding so if you need to add more corstarch, you may do so. The trick here is the stirring..do not let milk sit because it might stick and burn at the bottom. You will notice the milk getting thicker and it is done when u use the back side of the spoon and swipe it across the top of milk noticing that it sticks to the back of spoon . Then quickly remove pot from stove and using a ladle, scoop up milk and pour over cake covering it entirely. This should cover at least 3 platters of cakes.Sprinkle cinnamon on top & let it cool down, milk will set as a custard. Happy eating!!

vnecolettos@yahoo.com said...

Hello Mr Milne, I wanted to you to know I teach English at a catholic school is South Florida. I was looking for a good book for my 7th graders to read for the christmas season. I came upon your book online. We purchased 65 of the novels and I gave one to all of the middle school teachers. We do not have enough good things to say about your book. The Paper bag Christmas was just what we were looking for as an uplifting, feel good book for the season of Joy. Thank you! Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
V Necolettos