Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winners, Winners, and more Winners

Happy Thanksgiving!  I just waddled in the door after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the whole Milne clan.  What a great day!  Sure, I'm ten pounds heavier, but I'll worry about that later.

As promised, today is the official end of my book contest. First, let me say THANK YOU to everyone who entered.  I didn't expect such a huge response!  Believe it or not, there were nearly 500 entries!  Yes, I said FIVE HUNDRED!!  Most of them were post-card entries, but there were also many great Thanksgiving recipes shared online.

Here are the lucky winners:

Prize # 1 goes to Jackie Wisherd, from La Mesa, California, who submitted a delicious recipe (post-card submission) for Praline Candied Yams.  It was delicious!  I'll post the full recipe soon so everyone can enjoy it.

Prize #2 goes to Lisa Helms-Guba, from Annapolis, Maryland.

Prize #3 goes to Kristy Kimball, from Calabasas, California.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.  For me, it made this a Thanksgiving I will not soon forget. 


ash4476 said...

Mrs. Kimball is my teacher!!!

Anonymous said...

Friendly Letter
My name Sarah Oechsli from AE Wright Middle School. I’m 7th grade and in our ELA classes we read the Paper Bag Christmas. I really enjoyed reading it and it was very interesting but it was also very sad. At first I though it was going to be horrible but when I actually got reading it I was really surprised.
In the Paper Bag Christmas I thought it was really sweet that Katrina got a friend for Christmas and that’s what she wanted. I thought Molar was a really nice friend to her, how he comforted her, he got all the angels to put on paper bags so Katrina wouldn’t feel left out, and he was really nice to her even though people were not. I also like at the end of the story, when Katrina writes that note for Madhu telling him that she won’t be needing her kidney and that he can take it.
This book was really inspirational to me. I learned that there is more to Christmas than presents and that you should be kind to your friends why you still have them. I’m always going to put my family first no matter what happens because I love them and I’m going to look after my friends and keep them forever. I feel like a better person now after reading this book.
Yours truly,
Sarah Oechsli

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Milne
My name is Mikayla Giroux and I have read your famous book " The Paper Bag Christmas." I enjoyed it very much, in fact most of the people at A E Wright love it too! I cried at the end, but the thought of the book was incredible. This book really interested me with the whole meaning of it.
It was very well done how it really taught the true meaning of Christmas. After I read the book it literally changed my life. I felt that this christmas was going to be different, and it was. I have told friends and family about it. My favorite character in it was Katrina and Tim. I loved how smart and confident Katrina was and I could understand why she feels comfortable with the bag on her face. Tim was so cute how he really believed in the true Christmas spirit, how Dr. Ringle was really Santa.
I think that this book could bring families closer on Christmas. It taught me a lot more friendship and carrying for others. The spirit of christmas isn't really about presents, but really about peace and family. I have a question, how did you come up with this story?
Mikayla Giroux

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Milne,
My name is Jessica Krieg.I go to A.E.Wright Middle School. I ove your book The Paper Bag Christmas. I almost cried because katrine died. The whoe story was great! I liked the Paper Bag Christmas becuase I love reading about how one toung man can change a little girls life. I liked how Molar was a god friend to Katrina.It was very nice that Katrina donated her liver to Madhu so he can leave the hospital with his family.
I think the importance of your book was to teach people to respect others. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Christmas is not just about the presents its about the friendship. Don't treat people with bags over their heads differently than someone who doesn't have one over their heads.
This story has really touched my heart.I learned a lot from this book. Now I know why your book is called The Paper Bag Christmas. Thank you for sharing your great book with us.
Yous truly,
Jessica Krieg

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Milne,

My name is Maya Bendavid. I am a student at A.E.Wright Middle School. All of my fellow students and I have read your wonderful book, The Paper Bag Christmas. This book was a joy to read and has taught me the true meaning of Christmas.
The book has touched my heart more than any other book I have read. I no longer think of Christmas as just getting presents and I now think of it as a time filled with joy, love, and the spirit of Christmas. I also really enjoyed all of the characters' personalities and details.
Now, instead of getting presents, I have decided to give more. I think that the importance of your book is to teach people the true meaning of Christmas. This year I have put extra thought into other peoples' gifts instead of just hoping that I get what I want. I also learned the true meaning of friendship.
I enjoyed reading your book very much! It was different than any book I have read and I hope to read more of your fabulous books.

Yours truly,

Maya Bendavid

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Milne,
My name is Brooke Kelsberg, and I have read your incredible book, "The Paper Bag Christmas". I honestly thought the book was very meaningful and brilliant. Although I cried when Katrina past away, it left a great message for the reader.
One reason I liked "The Paper Bag Christmas" wass that everything was so descriptive, and I actually felt as if I was with the characters. Also, I enjoyed how everyone who read it now knows the true meaning of Christmas.
After reading this book, I will be helping and serving others. One way is that I will donate everything I can to charity. I will also be going to hospitals and try to be like Molar, helping sick patients. Maybe I will grow up to be a doctor, like Dr. Ringle.
Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book. I will certainly be reading more of your books. I have a question; is "The Paper Bag Christmas" a true story?
Best Regards,
Brooke Kelsberg

Anonymous said...

what is mrs.kimball doing here???? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha youll never know who i am!!!!!!XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!