Friday, July 2, 2010

Happiness Letter

I received this today from Paola C., who just finished reading Sweet Misfortune....

Happiness is holding a sleeping baby and watching his/her angelic face in their repose. 
Happiness is reading a book, hearing a song/music, or watching a movie that touches your soul. 
Happiness is hearing children's laughter. 
Happiness is hugging the one you love. 
Happiness is feeling grateful for everyone in your life. 
Happiness is knowing you are never alone - God and God's helpers are always there. 
Happiness is spending time with children and listening to them - they are so wise - if only, we spent more time speaking to them.  They are worth these moments and you get so much in return. 
Happiness is being of service to someone.  There is no greater joy than doing something for someone else that is not connected to ego. 
Happiness is being grateful for the senses and experiences that you have - good and bad help you grow. 
Happiness is telling and showing people that you love them.  Tell people you love that you love them but don't forget to show them too! 
Happiness is spending time with my precious niece and nephew.  As they grow older, happiness is receiving unexpected hugs and "I love yous" for no reason at all. 
Happiness is love. 
Happiness is laughing at something silly. 
Happiness is nature - she is there everyday to share her bounty - sometimes we are too busy to notice her. 
Happiness is the ability to choose and appreciate your freedoms.


Anonymous said...

Just finished your book in two days and Loved it! This is a great reminder of why a person should be happy, and all the ways they are blessed. I am going to make my own happiness list and keep it with me to look at when I am down.


HappyFeet said...

This is an excellent book! Perfect for anyone struggling. I will always remember these ways to stay happy.